Typical Conversation

I just thought I’d fill you guys in on a conversation Ange and I had on Saturday. Here goes!

Me – Hear this joke! Hear this joke! (I tend to repeat things when I’m excited)

Ange – Ok!

Me – Two bald men are fighting for a comb!

Ange – I dunno

Me – …no…..that’s the joke.

Ange – Huh?

Me – Two bald men are fighting for a comb.

Ange – yeah but how did it begin?

Me – Huh?

Ange – What’s the beginning?

Me – That’s just it! They’re bald! Why are they fighting for a comb?

Ange – that’s stupid!!!!! That’s so stupid!!!!!!!

Me – It’s funny!!!!

Ange – If that were a box, I’d mash it up!!!!! (huh????)

So guys, that is how our conversations typically go down. Total confusion at first and in the middle, but in the end we both understand 😀



So, later this week I will be celebrating my birthday…yay me!

I got an early birthday present, from none other than my side kick, Miss Lee. It’s a funny lil’ book that I read whenever I go to the bookstore, and every time I read it, I LAUGH OUT LOUD in PUBLIC… It’s called Girls are Weirdos but they smell pretty, by Todd Harris Goldman. In keeping with the theme of sharing, I just had to post one of the pages (it’s short so don’t even whine about this being a long entry…please read on).

BAD HAIR DAY: Why do girls get so upset over a bad hair day? I mean come on, it’s only temporary!It will be fine tomorrow ladies. You should be grateful you even have hair, even though half of your hair is fake anyway (oh the Irony that I am typing this out)! I would be more concerned with a bad face day or a bad body day. Those are more permanent and can only be fixed with plastic surgery.

Did you laugh? no? You are either not tired enough or you are just really sad right now…anyhoo I tried!


Gorilla – $0.50

Last Wednesday I decided to go the the doctor’s office to get some kind of treatment for a cold I had had since Monday. I filled my forms out and all that stuff, then took a seat. I had been in that office many times before so I knew I had a long wait till they called my name. Because my surname is Chinese, an assistant once called out my name in a thick Chinese accent (she was white) only to correct herself and say it in a Canadian accent when she realized that I’m not Chinese.

Anyways, so I’m sitting in the office just staring at people passing by in the hallway and sitting up in hope everytime the assistant came to call on someone, and then I start hearing music in the hallway. At first I thought it was coming from one of the stores, but I dismissed that thought because I knew the owners had more class than that.

The music got louder.

What are these students doing?!?!?!?

It grew even louder!

What is this?!?!?!?!

Behold! The culprit came into sight! It was a guy (i’m guessing it’s a guy) in a gorilla suit. A full body gorilla suit. Full body as in head to toe. He had a radio on his shoulder and was blasting out 50 Cent – Stunt 101. Maybe that was his way of telling everyone that he wanted to take a course on how to stunt (stunt basically means to show off). Maybe he was dared to do it. I dunno. For me, what was unacceptable was not the costume – it was a good costume…..he really looked like a gorilla. What was unacceptable was the choice of artiste. 50 Cent? Really? Where is 50 Cent now? Who is 50 Cent? Speaking of ‘Who is…’, let’s play a short game of  jeopardy.

Category – Rapper 200

This rapper is awesome and should be played loudly on a radio while walking through public places.

Who is DRAKE?

Correct! *ding ding ding*

Come on people. If you’re blasting out rap music, blast out rap music by a good, talented artiste who doesn’t waste time bashing other artistes. Blast out Drake! He’s Awesome!

So for the guy in the gorilla costume, sorry to disappoint you but your act was only worth $0.50.

Better luck next time,

Lee 🙂


hello one and all! God said to share and Ange and I loveee sharing our weird, funny experiences with everyone so we decided to do just that. We thought about journals, children stories and decided to go with a blog! An Awesome blog (yes, Awesome with a capital A)! Although I think children would love to read about squirrels running into people or an old woman staring through a window like the cat she most likely has. Anyway, we hope people read this blog and laugh as joyously as we do :-). Hooray for the fun in life!!!!

Sharing is Caring!

Soo…we are told sharing is caring! Well here goes! Lee & I have too many funny stories to count that happen on almost a DAILY basis! Being the good Catholic girls that we are 😛 we want to share all or most of the things that make us stupid with giggles with all of you! Stay tuned for LIFETIMES OF LEE & ANGE!