Typical Conversation

I just thought I’d fill you guys in on a conversation Ange and I had on Saturday. Here goes!

Me – Hear this joke! Hear this joke! (I tend to repeat things when I’m excited)

Ange – Ok!

Me – Two bald men are fighting for a comb!

Ange – I dunno

Me – …no…..that’s the joke.

Ange – Huh?

Me – Two bald men are fighting for a comb.

Ange – yeah but how did it begin?

Me – Huh?

Ange – What’s the beginning?

Me – That’s just it! They’re bald! Why are they fighting for a comb?

Ange – that’s stupid!!!!! That’s so stupid!!!!!!!

Me – It’s funny!!!!

Ange – If that were a box, I’d mash it up!!!!! (huh????)

So guys, that is how our conversations typically go down. Total confusion at first and in the middle, but in the end we both understand 😀


1 Comment

  1. SadeeqaK said,

    February 1, 2011 at 12:34 am

    Aahahahahhahahahhahahahha!!! *dies* How Angela reacted? HILARIOUS!

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