Another Conversation

Last night, like every night so far this week, I hung out at Ange’s place. We watched t.v., laughed at random things and, as usual, had some funny conversations. Here is a summarized version of one of those classic conversations. The whole thing would be too long because it went on for about 10mins including t.v. breaks and alot of made-up words.

Me – Where are they from again? It starts with P. (I was trying to figure out where in India some of our friends were from)

Ange – Bangalore?

Me – No it starts with P!

Ange – Panama? Hahaha! (inside joke)

Me – Hehe. No! It starts with a P….Paaa – something. (I then texted one of those friends, Dwayne)

Ange – Punjab! Panerdf jl? Psuygcnkldjhf? Pcaxdhufidcuf?

Me – Noooo

Ange – are you sure it’s not Bangalore?

Me – Yes I’m sure!!!!! It starts with a P! Does it start with a P? Yeah it does!

5 long minutes that consisted of me thinking too hard after

Me – I think it has a ‘g’ in it.

While saying that, Dwayne replied.

Dwayne – Goa.

THAT WAS IT!!!!!!!!! They’re from Goa!!!!!! It was then that Ange gave up all hope in me trying to remember things. The name of the place has THREE letters and I remembered one. Oh well, at least my brain got some form of exercise this week πŸ™‚

Love,Β Lee!


Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Don’t you just love the scent of the right amount of chlorine in a pool? How about the sound of splashing water, water that is that specific shade of blue? Or the way it feels when your body glides through the water and when the water touches your scalp? I love swimming, especially during Winter. It just feels better knowing that outside is FREEZING while you’re in a bathing suit πŸ™‚ (yes Gervais, there is water that’s NOT frozen up here)

Ange and I go swimming just to workout in a cool way and stay healthy. Yesterday when we were finished, we headed back to the changing rooms and passed the showers on the way. Now we go to a university that collects school fees from 50,000 students, has flat screen t.v.s all over the place and spends money unnecessarily! With that being said, one would think that they’ll at least have doors for the showers as opposed to curtains. If a small breeze blew from the side….well…..we all know how that’ll turn out :-S

So we’re walking by the showers and this was my string of thoughts: Oh, there’re all free because all the curtains are open. I hope they’re free when I need to….wait, oh my…why is she…WHAT THE F….just turn and continue walking and don’t look at Ange because we will laugh and the naked lady in the shower will feel bad!

I wish I could say that that was the last I saw of her. It wasn’t. You know when you’re sitting somewhere waiting for someone, every time someone comes around, you look to see if it’s that person? I was sitting on a bench, minding my own business and waiting on Ange when I saw someone. Naturally, I looked to see if it was her but nature wasn’t so kind to my eyes :-S. Why couldn’t she put her towel on and cover herself and where did she think she was? It takes 3 seconds to wrap yourself in a towel and yet still there are people, both men and women, who just don’t care. I give props to those who are that comfortable in their skin, but I’d rather you say it than show it (no pun intended…actually, pun intended!).

5 minutes after, Ange found me with a very apprehensive look on my face. That was NOT an experience I wanted to go through on Valentine’s Day, but that’s life for you. It hits you with surprises every now and then.


I dunno…

It’s been a while since we posted anything. Nothing spectacular or hilarious or weird has happened….which is weird. Well, that’s it right there! It’s weird that nothing weird has happened! Lol. Just kidding. I had a midterm exam today at 1 so I decided to go to Mass, pray really hard to pass, idle around for half an hour and then head over to the lecture hall. At around 12:30, the lights went out and I was the happiest person in the world!!!! No electricity = no exam (i’m so good at Math). I started playing the guitar and singing and laughing and running in slow motion through grass fields alongside bunnies, blah blah blah. I was happy. I still decided to go to the lecture hall just to confirm that it was cancelled so I started putting my jacket on and while doing that, electricity came back. *sigh* Exam time. After the exam, we had to pass our papers to the left. I was sitting in the 2nd seat to the right so I had to collect just one paper and pass it on with mine. I turned to the guy expecting him to give me his paper and he looked at me and said, “Idjfnclcd fsdjfbls fnjsdfn”. So I was like…..huh? Then he said, “cfj nl not cf jklscfx jdhfl paper df lskjdf”. I just said “oh ok” and I passed my paper down. I guess he was saying that he wasn’t going to hand in his paper. The midterm was worth 40%. 40%! He threw away 40%! Poor guy. At least I know I got more than him! The girl on the other side of me put the date as 10th Jan, 2011 and because she’s Asian (Asian usually equals genius. The guy obviously isn’t in that equation), I started doubting myself! I could have sworn we were in February!!! This means that Singles…i mean, Valentines Day isn’t next week! Oh joy!

Anyways, I ate a hot dog AND I found a Cadbury Egg in my jacket pocket πŸ˜€ How awesome is that?