Quote of the Weekend

Ange and I went on a retreat this past weekend with the Catholic Chaplaincy at York. The retreat took place at the St. Francis Center in Caledon which is God knows where. The whole weekend was filled with memorable moments and I want to share one of the early moments. This conversation took place the night we arrived. Ange and I were talking about fruits in the kitchen when i remembered something that one of my house mates told me about the guys in France. We’re going to World Youth Day this Summer but before we get to Madrid, Spain, we’ll be going to Portugal and France. Ange and I know a French guy so we’ve seen how nice they are and how perfect their hair is. Ange got EXCITED about this!!! So this is how it went down;

Me – Carmen told me that the guys in France are soo goodlooking and their hair is fluffed to perfection!!!!


Me – I can’t wait to go France (or something like that, i cant remember exactly what i said)

Sam walks into the kitchen

Sam – Angela, I knew I heard you in here from out there!

Me – We were talking about French guys!!!!!

Ange – NO!!!!!! We were talking about fruits!!!!

Sam – Ohh! haha! They’re the same thing!

Epic quote!!!!! French guys ARE fruits!!!! They’re sweet!!!!!

Ange and I will tell you exactly how sweet they are sometime in August 😀

Love, Lee



1 Comment

  1. SadeeqaK said,

    March 14, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    LOL! French are guys are like fire..HOTT!!!! =D
    Remember what I said Lee,any guy u dont want, tell them about moi 😉

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