Soo, i haven’t posted anything since…well scroll down! Soo sorry for my hiatus. I find hiatus to be a funny word! HI ATE US? Maybe it’s just me! So done with school…dreaming & excited of good things in my future. In the meantime, I remain to still be prone to funny moments…I can’t run away from them…or can I?

Well, yesterday was quite a lovely day, so I went for a walk with a friend (actually grocery shopping, but who cares, and it is irrelevant to the juiciness at hand!) So, walking home in the beautiful sun, that makes your face glow, and gives you warm fuzzy feelings, a bird, or rather a goose seems rather intrigued with us.  Naturally, we stop and stare at it. Well, it stares right back and gives us two rather intimidating quacks, and finally…the hissssssssssssssssssssss. As all Kenyans would do in this situation, I ran! My friend, and I ran as we heard it running after us, and I am sure I saw it’s wings open. OH DEAR! Suddenly I had an image of it, running after as, then taking off, them somehow karate kicking our heads, which would send us into a slow motion fall. NO, he ran a few steps and probably got a bit winded- see, he had been eating all Winter 😛

That’s the last time I make eye contact with a goose! Question: If he did try to hurt us, could we fight back in defense?  Would that be grounds for deportation? People from PETA would probably pop up from the woodworks and start hissing at me. Hmmm…



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