Last night I cleaned my section of the fridge, threw away the expired stuff and ended up with some onions, a sausage, a bottle of cranberry juice (it wasn’t mine, everyone said it wasn’t their’s, so it’s mine now) and NOTHING ELSE!!!!! So I said ok, I’ll go the grocery tomorrow and stock up on healthy stuff!

Before I go on, let me give you some very important advice! If you need to use the washroom and there is one nearby, USE IT! You don’t want to be standing in the middle of an aisle in Zellers, crossing your legs as if your dear life depended on it and PRAYING that no one sees you. It didn’t happen to me today while looking at blenders…..i just thought you should know something like this….

So I made my groceries, felt proud of myself for only buying healthy stuff, ran some errands and took a taxi home. I told the driver my street (Kidd) and he said, “Oh! By the University!” So I said yes! 5 minutes after, this convo took place:

Driver: Kidd is off of Delabo!

Me: No, it’s not.

Driver: Yes I’m very sure it’s off of Delabo! By Murray Ross!

He is telling me where I am living!

Me: No, it’s near Delabo but off of Cook.

Driver: Yes! Off of Cook!

Me: Yeah!

Driver: Off of Delabo!

At that point, I didn’t want to argue with that man so I didn’t reply. I was tired and I needed to shower with dove soap. Last night I dreamt I washed my face with dove soap and it felt soooo good and my face got slim! So you know I had to get it 😀 The conversation continued as follows:

Driver: You bought food? You’re making me hungry! Good African food! The aroma is soo good! (who says ‘aroma’?)

Me: Yeah I got food! Hehe.

We were at my house now.

Driver: Where are you from?

Me: Trinidad

Driver: CHINA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Me: No, Trinidad!

Driver: Ohhhhhhh that’s great!

I wished him a good day and got up out of that car!

So that’s my little story for today. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Love, Lee

Love, Lee