Don’t Be Partial….OR ELSE!!!!

Last Monday, Ange and I learnt in a study of the Book of James (that’s in the Bible for those who don’t know) that we must not be partial….meaning we must treat everyone the same and we should not judge…or something like that. About 5 mins after the class had ended, I stood in front of the fourth floor window and said, “Ange, let’s look at people!” I had obviously forgotten the whole point of the class (Sorry Joe!!!). I was, however, quickly reprimanded by Ange. “Don’t be partial!!!!”

If I had forgotten to ‘be nice’ after 5 mins of the class, then there was no way I could have remembered that this morning (5 days after) as I was heading for the ATM. I needed to make a deposit and as I was approaching the ATM, I saw this 5 year old Asian boy (he was probably Vietnamese  (I got that spelling right the first try :-D), but you know….they all almost look the same). The boy was pushing the flap of one of the dirtiest bins I have ever seen and he was sticking his head inside of it! I immediately thought, Where are his parents? They have no control over this boy? What he is doing is not cleanly! Anyways, I got to the ATM and noticed that people left envelopes on the ground and they were a bit dirty and the ground was just disgusting!!!! It was a mess! I shook my head and thought, Hmph…..these people today!!!!

I put my card in and pressed all the right buttons and whatnot. I reached the part where I had to put my envelope in the slot….but the slot that I was supposed to get the envelope from didn’t open. I started panicking a little. Do I cancel everything and try again? What to do!?!?!?!? While thinking about what I should do, I looked down and saw the dirty envelope on the disgusting ground. *sigh. What did I do?  I humbled myself, picked up the envelope and used it. Karma is a…u know!!! That wasn’t the end of it though! On my way home, I dragged my grocery cart through a little over 100 metres of Goose poop. *shakes my head*

Don’t be partial people! The consequences aren’t worth it! Especially if there are people watching and a lot of cars passing!

Love, Lee


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