Why Ask?

I went to Subway a few days ago and gave my order. The attendant asked, “What type of bread do you want?” I said Italian Herbs and Cheese. She then said, “We only have Parmesan.”

Has that  ever happened to any of you? They ask you what type of bread you want as if they have more than one available? 


The Window Seat Isn’t Always The Best

Ange and I took the Finch bus home yesterday evening. Let me just say this before I continue….that bus is SKETCH!!!! The weirdest people take that bus (not us of course) and every time Ange and I are on that bus together, something out of the ordinary happens.

We got on the bus and a lady sat next to me before I can try to save the seat for Ange, so Ange sat on the other side next to some dude. About 1 minute after, another lady came onto the bus and told the lady next to me to move around but there were only two seats in the row and I was in the other seat! Apparently they knew each other from somewhere so the lady next to me moved around and gave her friend a space. I could not believe it. On the other side of me was the window so for three quarters of the bus ride, I was forced up against the window while the two ladies sat comfortably and chatted away.

So don’t always rush for the window seat on a bus. You never know what can happen. And plus, you can stretch your legs out if you sit in an aisle seat 😀