The Window Seat Isn’t Always The Best

Ange and I took the Finch bus home yesterday evening. Let me just say this before I continue….that bus is SKETCH!!!! The weirdest people take that bus (not us of course) and every time Ange and I are on that bus together, something out of the ordinary happens.

We got on the bus and a lady sat next to me before I can try to save the seat for Ange, so Ange sat on the other side next to some dude. About 1 minute after, another lady came onto the bus and told the lady next to me to move around but there were only two seats in the row and I was in the other seat! Apparently they knew each other from somewhere so the lady next to me moved around and gave her friend a space. I could not believe it. On the other side of me was the window so for three quarters of the bus ride, I was forced up against the window while the two ladies sat comfortably and chatted away.

So don’t always rush for the window seat on a bus. You never know what can happen. And plus, you can stretch your legs out if you sit in an aisle seat 😀





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