You know you’re on a pilgrimage with over 300 other pple for 30 days when….

1) A long line to use the women’s bathroom is expected…every other girl needs to pee too.

2) Using the men’s bathroom because the line for the women’s bathroom is too long, is a norm

3) Finding a free outlet is a privilege

4) Having 2 showers in one day (rain not included) is non-existent

5) Sleeping on a bed brings joy to your heart

6) You know who to stay away from because they snore… still end up hearing them though…but not as loudly

7) For the first 7 – 14 days, you sleep through every Sermon.

8) If Mass was in Spanish, regardless of the day, you sleep through it.

9) Walking with a small group of pple is weird…you feel as if something is missing

10) What’s for breakfast? Bread and coffee

What’s for lunch? Bread and pop

What’s for dinner? Bread and pop

11) Everyday you see someone you never saw before (that includes the 30th day)

12) You don’t mind lending your soap to someone because their’s finished

13) You don’t mind asking someone to borrow their soap because your’s finished

14) What’s a refrigerator again?

15) You’re so tanned, you almost look purple

16) There’s no such thing as Monday, Tuesday,….., Sunday. There’s only yesterday, today and tomorrow

17) Sleeping outside is no big deal. If it rains, whatever.

18) There are 6 buses and Bus 3 IS THE BEST!!!!!





In the picture below, Ange and I are sitting on our sleeping bags, sharing a rain jacket and sheltering under my half-broken umbrella. We were happy regardless of all of that (because we’re awesome…duhhh)!!!


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