Trini Phrases – Lesson 2

Well friends, it’s about that time again! Let the class begin!

How tings? – How are things? A greeting.

Fall out – To get annoyed with someone. To stop speaking to someone.

Buh wait nah! – But wait a minute!

Pissin’ drunk – Inebriated enough to urinate on your own shoes.

Yuh know what t’ought make a man do? – Unsure thoughts can lead to disaster. Answer to question – Mess his pants. He thought he was passing gas!


Love, Lee



Trini Phrases – Lesson 1

Alot of people tell me that they love my Trini accent and some even try (hopelessly) to imitate it. Props to all of you! I have a book called Cote ci Cote la and it’s filled with Trini phrases and their meanings. It’s basically a Trini dictionary. I decided to post a couple words/phrases every now-and-then so that people can educate themselves a bit…..and also get a GOOD laugh!

River Lime – A riverbank cookout. Curried duck, rum, and beastly cold water for the hardy ones.

Use up – To waste or abuse. Yuh well use up mih sweet soap an’ mih toot’pas’e.

Fnughnn! (blow your nostrils while making a high-pitched sound) An expression used when a foul or stink scent assails the nostrils.

Use yuh kidneys – Use your brains.

Rain doh fall up – Some things can only end in disaster.

Well people, that’s it for today’s lesson. Stay tuned for more words and phrases!!!

Love, Lee

Which Side?

This past Saturday I went to a piano store and it was the best store I ever walked into. There were several isles of shiny pianos and most of them were Yamaha. I’m a Yamaha girl. I refuse to buy an instrument that’s not Yamaha and it’s not my fault. I blame Alicia Keys and society….she uses Yamaha pianos and they’re always showing it on tv!

A few minutes after I entered, some movers came to transport a piano and they were going in and out and in and out of the store. So there I was, minding my own business when I heard someone behind me say somewhat loudly, “Excuse me, watch your backside please. We’re coming through.” I said sorry and moved to the side THEN I realized what he had said – watch your backside. I felt weird….as if he was paying attention to my backside or as if he was angry at me for some reason. The funny part is that he didn’t mean it in an insulting way. He was just saying whatever came to mind and he didn’t care. He reminds me of me! 😀

When I was leaving, I told the owner it was nice to meet him and the mover guy was passing at that moment. For some reason, he thought I was talking to him so he looked at me and said with a big smile, “It was nice to meet you too!” I smiled at him and immediately got my backside out of that store.


Love, Lee

Is This Right?

I volunteer every Friday evening at a nearby Parish. They have an After-School Program (ASP) where children in Grades 4-6 go and get help with their homework, or they’re assigned worksheets to do if they don’t have homework. Last year, the girls I helped said their teacher never gave them homework on Fridays. I wish I had their teacher…right now…for all my courses….

Today was the first Friday of ASP and one of the Grade 5 boys came in with his homework which was to list 15-20 types of beer, 15-20 types of wine and 15-20 types on spirits/hard liquor. I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I start listing out beers? If I do, he’ll know that I know about beer and he might tell the Nun on me and then I’ll feel guilty. If I tell him about hard liquor, well, that’s even worse! What are spirits? I only drink red wine so I can’t help him with that one.

Since I’m such a wonderful, helpful volunteer, I gave him the help he needed (he knew absolutely NOTHING about any of them). I called out booze for him to write down and it didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would. It was actually funny! Next week, he has to write down the negative effects of alcohol. Hopefully, over the next 7 days he doesn’t try any booze…more importantly, he doesn’t try any and blame me!!!

Love, Lee