Trini Phrases – Lesson 1

Alot of people tell me that they love my Trini accent and some even try (hopelessly) to imitate it. Props to all of you! I have a book called Cote ci Cote la and it’s filled with Trini phrases and their meanings. It’s basically a Trini dictionary. I decided to post a couple words/phrases every now-and-then so that people can educate themselves a bit…..and also get a GOOD laugh!

River Lime – A riverbank cookout. Curried duck, rum, and beastly cold water for the hardy ones.

Use up – To waste or abuse. Yuh well use up mih sweet soap an’ mih toot’pas’e.

Fnughnn! (blow your nostrils while making a high-pitched sound) An expression used when a foul or stink scent assails the nostrils.

Use yuh kidneys – Use your brains.

Rain doh fall up – Some things can only end in disaster.

Well people, that’s it for today’s lesson. Stay tuned for more words and phrases!!!

Love, Lee


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