Which Side?

This past Saturday I went to a piano store and it was the best store I ever walked into. There were several isles of shiny pianos and most of them were Yamaha. I’m a Yamaha girl. I refuse to buy an instrument that’s not Yamaha and it’s not my fault. I blame Alicia Keys and society….she uses Yamaha pianos and they’re always showing it on tv!

A few minutes after I entered, some movers came to transport a piano and they were going in and out and in and out of the store. So there I was, minding my own business when I heard someone behind me say somewhat loudly, “Excuse me, watch your backside please. We’re coming through.” I said sorry and moved to the side THEN I realized what he had said – watch your backside. I felt weird….as if he was paying attention to my backside or as if he was angry at me for some reason. The funny part is that he didn’t mean it in an insulting way. He was just saying whatever came to mind and he didn’t care. He reminds me of me! 😀

When I was leaving, I told the owner it was nice to meet him and the mover guy was passing at that moment. For some reason, he thought I was talking to him so he looked at me and said with a big smile, “It was nice to meet you too!” I smiled at him and immediately got my backside out of that store.


Love, Lee



Soo, i haven’t posted anything since…well scroll down! Soo sorry for my hiatus. I find hiatus to be a funny word! HI ATE US? Maybe it’s just me! So done with school…dreaming & excited of good things in my future. In the meantime, I remain to still be prone to funny moments…I can’t run away from them…or can I?

Well, yesterday was quite a lovely day, so I went for a walk with a friend (actually grocery shopping, but who cares, and it is irrelevant to the juiciness at hand!) So, walking home in the beautiful sun, that makes your face glow, and gives you warm fuzzy feelings, a bird, or rather a goose seems rather intrigued with us.  Naturally, we stop and stare at it. Well, it stares right back and gives us two rather intimidating quacks, and finally…the hissssssssssssssssssssss. As all Kenyans would do in this situation, I ran! My friend, and I ran as we heard it running after us, and I am sure I saw it’s wings open. OH DEAR! Suddenly I had an image of it, running after as, then taking off, them somehow karate kicking our heads, which would send us into a slow motion fall. NO, he ran a few steps and probably got a bit winded- see, he had been eating all Winter 😛

That’s the last time I make eye contact with a goose! Question: If he did try to hurt us, could we fight back in defense?  Would that be grounds for deportation? People from PETA would probably pop up from the woodworks and start hissing at me. Hmmm…


Quote of the Weekend

Ange and I went on a retreat this past weekend with the Catholic Chaplaincy at York. The retreat took place at the St. Francis Center in Caledon which is God knows where. The whole weekend was filled with memorable moments and I want to share one of the early moments. This conversation took place the night we arrived. Ange and I were talking about fruits in the kitchen when i remembered something that one of my house mates told me about the guys in France. We’re going to World Youth Day this Summer but before we get to Madrid, Spain, we’ll be going to Portugal and France. Ange and I know a French guy so we’ve seen how nice they are and how perfect their hair is. Ange got EXCITED about this!!! So this is how it went down;

Me – Carmen told me that the guys in France are soo goodlooking and their hair is fluffed to perfection!!!!


Me – I can’t wait to go France (or something like that, i cant remember exactly what i said)

Sam walks into the kitchen

Sam – Angela, I knew I heard you in here from out there!

Me – We were talking about French guys!!!!!

Ange – NO!!!!!! We were talking about fruits!!!!

Sam – Ohh! haha! They’re the same thing!

Epic quote!!!!! French guys ARE fruits!!!! They’re sweet!!!!!

Ange and I will tell you exactly how sweet they are sometime in August 😀

Love, Lee


Oh Solo.

I was having some problems with my cellphone provider, Solo Mobile. I hated them for about a month, and then this morning, my phone rang and I saw who it was 😀 That meant my caller i.d. was FINALLY working! Yay me! After that call, I decided to see if my friends can receive my international texts. I texted Sadeeqa who is in Trinidad (and faithfully reads our blog) and she got the message 😀 That meant that my phone is now problem free! Yay me again! A good start to my day. I was in love with Solo!

About 10 minutes after, I checked my email and saw that Solo emailed me. I knew it was to say that everything was fixed and that they are sorry for any inconvenience caused and what not. I opened the email and the first thing I saw was “Good day Mr. Attong“. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it was just a typo. The next line said “My name is Carl”. Aha! It’s a guy who made that typo! I guess I can forgive him, unless he refers to me as Mr. Attong again. Well guess what peeps! He just had to refer to me as Mr. Attong again!

“I would like to thank you, Mr. Attong, for choosing Solo Mobile…”

I felt insulted, amused and awkward at the same time. Insulted because I AM NOT A MAN! Amused because Carl thinks I’m a man. Hahaha! Does anyone know a man named Lee-Ann? Lol. Too funny. Last but not least, awkward because I felt as if I was reading an email that was meant for my Dad.

Right now, I don’t hate Solo but I don’t love them either. I think, out of the three ways I felt, amused stands out the most. So I’m amused by Solo. They’re funny 😀

Love, Lee (lovely. Lol)

Typical Conversation

I just thought I’d fill you guys in on a conversation Ange and I had on Saturday. Here goes!

Me – Hear this joke! Hear this joke! (I tend to repeat things when I’m excited)

Ange – Ok!

Me – Two bald men are fighting for a comb!

Ange – I dunno

Me – …no…..that’s the joke.

Ange – Huh?

Me – Two bald men are fighting for a comb.

Ange – yeah but how did it begin?

Me – Huh?

Ange – What’s the beginning?

Me – That’s just it! They’re bald! Why are they fighting for a comb?

Ange – that’s stupid!!!!! That’s so stupid!!!!!!!

Me – It’s funny!!!!

Ange – If that were a box, I’d mash it up!!!!! (huh????)

So guys, that is how our conversations typically go down. Total confusion at first and in the middle, but in the end we both understand 😀