Why Ask?

I went to Subway a few days ago and gave my order. The attendant asked, “What type of bread do you want?” I said Italian Herbs and Cheese. She then said, “We only have Parmesan.”

Has that  ever happened to any of you? They ask you what type of bread you want as if they have more than one available? 


Don’t Be Partial….OR ELSE!!!!

Last Monday, Ange and I learnt in a study of the Book of James (that’s in the Bible for those who don’t know) that we must not be partial….meaning we must treat everyone the same and we should not judge…or something like that. About 5 mins after the class had ended, I stood in front of the fourth floor window and said, “Ange, let’s look at people!” I had obviously forgotten the whole point of the class (Sorry Joe!!!). I was, however, quickly reprimanded by Ange. “Don’t be partial!!!!”

If I had forgotten to ‘be nice’ after 5 mins of the class, then there was no way I could have remembered that this morning (5 days after) as I was heading for the ATM. I needed to make a deposit and as I was approaching the ATM, I saw this 5 year old Asian boy (he was probably Vietnamese  (I got that spelling right the first try :-D), but you know….they all almost look the same). The boy was pushing the flap of one of the dirtiest bins I have ever seen and he was sticking his head inside of it! I immediately thought, Where are his parents? They have no control over this boy? What he is doing is not cleanly! Anyways, I got to the ATM and noticed that people left envelopes on the ground and they were a bit dirty and the ground was just disgusting!!!! It was a mess! I shook my head and thought, Hmph…..these people today!!!!

I put my card in and pressed all the right buttons and whatnot. I reached the part where I had to put my envelope in the slot….but the slot that I was supposed to get the envelope from didn’t open. I started panicking a little. Do I cancel everything and try again? What to do!?!?!?!? While thinking about what I should do, I looked down and saw the dirty envelope on the disgusting ground. *sigh. What did I do?  I humbled myself, picked up the envelope and used it. Karma is a…u know!!! That wasn’t the end of it though! On my way home, I dragged my grocery cart through a little over 100 metres of Goose poop. *shakes my head*

Don’t be partial people! The consequences aren’t worth it! Especially if there are people watching and a lot of cars passing!

Love, Lee

Last night I cleaned my section of the fridge, threw away the expired stuff and ended up with some onions, a sausage, a bottle of cranberry juice (it wasn’t mine, everyone said it wasn’t their’s, so it’s mine now) and NOTHING ELSE!!!!! So I said ok, I’ll go the grocery tomorrow and stock up on healthy stuff!

Before I go on, let me give you some very important advice! If you need to use the washroom and there is one nearby, USE IT! You don’t want to be standing in the middle of an aisle in Zellers, crossing your legs as if your dear life depended on it and PRAYING that no one sees you. It didn’t happen to me today while looking at blenders…..i just thought you should know something like this….

So I made my groceries, felt proud of myself for only buying healthy stuff, ran some errands and took a taxi home. I told the driver my street (Kidd) and he said, “Oh! By the University!” So I said yes! 5 minutes after, this convo took place:

Driver: Kidd is off of Delabo!

Me: No, it’s not.

Driver: Yes I’m very sure it’s off of Delabo! By Murray Ross!

He is telling me where I am living!

Me: No, it’s near Delabo but off of Cook.

Driver: Yes! Off of Cook!

Me: Yeah!

Driver: Off of Delabo!

At that point, I didn’t want to argue with that man so I didn’t reply. I was tired and I needed to shower with dove soap. Last night I dreamt I washed my face with dove soap and it felt soooo good and my face got slim! So you know I had to get it 😀 The conversation continued as follows:

Driver: You bought food? You’re making me hungry! Good African food! The aroma is soo good! (who says ‘aroma’?)

Me: Yeah I got food! Hehe.

We were at my house now.

Driver: Where are you from?

Me: Trinidad

Driver: CHINA!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Me: No, Trinidad!

Driver: Ohhhhhhh that’s great!

I wished him a good day and got up out of that car!

So that’s my little story for today. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Love, Lee

Love, Lee

Dude, where’s my food?

I went to a Chinese restaurant over the weekend for dinner with some friends. The waiter we got was Chinese and we’re not, so there were some misunderstandings between him and us. The word he used the most was, “Huh?” When I gave my order, he looked at me TOTALLY CONFUSED for a few seconds, then wrote something down. We eventually got our orders and stuffed our stomachs with the amazing food and at the end, I couldn’t finish my meal so I signalled for the waiter to come. When he came, he looked prepared to listen very intently to what I was going to say…he leaned over half the table and stared at me…it was a bit uncomfortable…I said, “Can I have this to take away?” (x3 because he didn’t understand the first two times). He then said, “Yeah yeah!”. I handed him my plate and he went into the kitchen. About 10 seconds after, I saw him come out of the other side of the kitchen with nothing in his hands. So I thought, ok…he probably asked someone else to pack it for me and that’s not a problem. As long as I get my food, I’m happy. One of my friends saw him and said to me, “Are you sure he didn’t throw it away?” Those were the worst words ever! Throw away my food? I love food! I need food! I was going to eat the leftovers for lunch the next day! One of my best friends once said that her mom told her that if you throw away any of your food, you’ll have to eat it when you go to Heaven! (I wouldn’t mind that cuz I’ll be in Heaven for a lonnnnggggggggg time!!!) The waiter passed again and I hailed him out and said, “What did you do to my food? Did you throw it away?” Again, the look of total confusedness. “I wanted it to take away.” Total confusedness (confusement sounds soo much better but it’s not a word) . “Did you put it in a box?”, ” Ohhhh, you wanted it?”, “Yes I did!”. He then walked off and went into the kitchen. Twice after that, he passed me and didn’t even mention anything. No apology, no “You can have your meal free.” Nothing! I eventually got replacement food. They cooked up a little of what I had ordered and gave it to me.

For those who are wondering, the food was fresh food. They didn’t take it out of the garbage. Lol. I checked! The rice and meat (pork and duck) were clean (i put sauce on the old one) and they were hot. BUT, if it did come from the garbage….what doesn’t kill fattens (that’s my life motto).

I can now add ‘a waiter threw away my food’ to the list of abnormal things that happen to me.

On that same day, I saw three people slip and almost fall and only one of them was because the floor was wet. Lol. I laughed alot…..soo mean….

Love, Lee


I would like us all to take a moment of silence for the loss of my iPod touch……….


So my iPod touch died last night. I got soaked in wet snow….I’m not even sure I should say soaked….let’s just say that when I got home yesterday evening, after walking for 20mins against the high winds and having little pieces of ice thrust against my face, I was covered in ice and inside my pockets were wet. My phone survived, but the iPod didn’t 😦

I was at the Chaplaincy this evening and Ange came in and said hi. I was having a bad day, you know with my iPod gone and everything, so I jumped up and ran around the couch to hug her and said, “Angela!!!” in a ‘i’m suffering’ voice, but she ran into the office and locked the door and said, “What do you want?!?!!?” I said I wanted a hug and she was like, “EWWW!!!” That’s how great our friendship is. Hehe! She eventually opened the door and gave me my hug 🙂

Random quote – You know you’re lame when you’re confessing your sins to a priest and he’s laughing at you.


Love, Lee



hello one and all! God said to share and Ange and I loveee sharing our weird, funny experiences with everyone so we decided to do just that. We thought about journals, children stories and decided to go with a blog! An Awesome blog (yes, Awesome with a capital A)! Although I think children would love to read about squirrels running into people or an old woman staring through a window like the cat she most likely has. Anyway, we hope people read this blog and laugh as joyously as we do :-). Hooray for the fun in life!!!!

Sharing is Caring!

Soo…we are told sharing is caring! Well here goes! Lee & I have too many funny stories to count that happen on almost a DAILY basis! Being the good Catholic girls that we are 😛 we want to share all or most of the things that make us stupid with giggles with all of you! Stay tuned for LIFETIMES OF LEE & ANGE!