It’s Only Water. Calm Down.

Every time I go to an airport, something always happens to me at the security point…you know the one where you have to take off your belt and shoes? Right there. I hate having to do that, so I stopped wearing belts and shoes. I can understand why one has to take them off though. Belts have metal in them and they’ll set of the detector. Shoes…do shoes have metal in them? Are the rings around holes for the laces metal? Anyways, I’ve thought a lot about what is mostly the cause of me being sent out of the security area and I figured it out! It’s my trusty bottle of water. I carry that bottle everywhere I go. To classes, to weekly Mass, to Sunday Mass, to the mall, to the grocery, downtown, to the bathroom (kidding…or am i?), to volunteering, job interviews, to the airport. Many times I’ve had to go back and empty the bottle, sometimes I can just drink it right there. The two most recent instances of that happening were a bit colourful.

Last Summer, I flew from JFK to Madrid, then I took a connecting flight to Lisbon.We had to get off the plane, go through Immigration, then go to the Gate to catch the Lisbon flight. It was a lot of running around, so I stuffed my bottle of water in my sleeping bag and totally forgot about it! We got to the security check point and I was one of the first in our large group to get there. We were on a schedule (I love schedules) and we needed to catch out connecting flight to Lisbon! So I sent my sleeping bag through the scanner and the guard asked whose it was. At first, I had no idea what she was saying because she was speaking in Spanish…well…I shouldn’t say ‘at first’ cuz to this day, I still don’t know exactly what she said. A Priest translated for me. Basically, I couldn’t take my water past that point and I couldn’t empty it in the bathroom that was RIGHT THERE. Nooooo, I had to go back through the scanner with allllllllllll my luggage, find the bathroom downstairs (all signs in Spanish), empty my bottle there, then go through the whole process of lining up to send my luggage through the scanner again. I did not go back by that woman! I was the last in our group to get through that point and two priests were waiting on me (I knew neither of them).

The second incidence happened in New Jersey. I was barely on time for my flight and I got held up at security for a nail clipper in my purse. While searching my bag, the security guard saw my bottle of water and said that I can’t take it past that point. The bottle was like….1/3 filled with water. I told him I’ll just drink it because I didn’t have time to put my jacket & shoes on (it was Winter so I had to wear shoes) and then join the line all over again! And plus, the ‘safe’ place to drink it was no more than 10 metres away. I’m sure there are people who could spit from where I was standing, to where he wanted me to go to drink the water. WATER. He said “NO!!! If you drink that here, they will see you and they will kill you! They’ll kill me too and I dunno ’bout you, but I don’t feel like dying any time soon. They have cameras EVERYWHERE!” I said ok, Sir. I went outside the security area in my socks, drank my water, skipped the line (this guard was like…you can’t just leave like that! I saw you leave! blah blah blah) and went through the scanner again. You know what, he let me keep the nail clipper. Steups. All a waste of my time.

Next time I fly somewhere, I’m definitely making sure  I follow the people rules and go with an empty bottle. I’ll just fill it up again after the security point 😀



Trini Phrases – Lesson 1

Alot of people tell me that they love my Trini accent and some even try (hopelessly) to imitate it. Props to all of you! I have a book called Cote ci Cote la and it’s filled with Trini phrases and their meanings. It’s basically a Trini dictionary. I decided to post a couple words/phrases every now-and-then so that people can educate themselves a bit…..and also get a GOOD laugh!

River Lime – A riverbank cookout. Curried duck, rum, and beastly cold water for the hardy ones.

Use up – To waste or abuse. Yuh well use up mih sweet soap an’ mih toot’pas’e.

Fnughnn! (blow your nostrils while making a high-pitched sound) An expression used when a foul or stink scent assails the nostrils.

Use yuh kidneys – Use your brains.

Rain doh fall up – Some things can only end in disaster.

Well people, that’s it for today’s lesson. Stay tuned for more words and phrases!!!

Love, Lee

You know you’re on a pilgrimage with over 300 other pple for 30 days when….

1) A long line to use the women’s bathroom is expected…every other girl needs to pee too.

2) Using the men’s bathroom because the line for the women’s bathroom is too long, is a norm

3) Finding a free outlet is a privilege

4) Having 2 showers in one day (rain not included) is non-existent

5) Sleeping on a bed brings joy to your heart

6) You know who to stay away from because they snore… still end up hearing them though…but not as loudly

7) For the first 7 – 14 days, you sleep through every Sermon.

8) If Mass was in Spanish, regardless of the day, you sleep through it.

9) Walking with a small group of pple is weird…you feel as if something is missing

10) What’s for breakfast? Bread and coffee

What’s for lunch? Bread and pop

What’s for dinner? Bread and pop

11) Everyday you see someone you never saw before (that includes the 30th day)

12) You don’t mind lending your soap to someone because their’s finished

13) You don’t mind asking someone to borrow their soap because your’s finished

14) What’s a refrigerator again?

15) You’re so tanned, you almost look purple

16) There’s no such thing as Monday, Tuesday,….., Sunday. There’s only yesterday, today and tomorrow

17) Sleeping outside is no big deal. If it rains, whatever.

18) There are 6 buses and Bus 3 IS THE BEST!!!!!





In the picture below, Ange and I are sitting on our sleeping bags, sharing a rain jacket and sheltering under my half-broken umbrella. We were happy regardless of all of that (because we’re awesome…duhhh)!!!

The Window Seat Isn’t Always The Best

Ange and I took the Finch bus home yesterday evening. Let me just say this before I continue….that bus is SKETCH!!!! The weirdest people take that bus (not us of course) and every time Ange and I are on that bus together, something out of the ordinary happens.

We got on the bus and a lady sat next to me before I can try to save the seat for Ange, so Ange sat on the other side next to some dude. About 1 minute after, another lady came onto the bus and told the lady next to me to move around but there were only two seats in the row and I was in the other seat! Apparently they knew each other from somewhere so the lady next to me moved around and gave her friend a space. I could not believe it. On the other side of me was the window so for three quarters of the bus ride, I was forced up against the window while the two ladies sat comfortably and chatted away.

So don’t always rush for the window seat on a bus. You never know what can happen. And plus, you can stretch your legs out if you sit in an aisle seat 😀




Over-the-phone Shopping

I have a Banquet to go to later this month and I have nothing to wear! I want to look good (obviously) but I don’t want to buy a dress (cuz i’m cheap like that). So I sat and thought about it….how can I get a dress for free? Then it came to me! I’ll call my mom!!! My mom has two dresses that I always loved and wanted to wear! So we talk on the phone and this is part of the conversation:

Me – Mom, mail me the nice blue dress that you have and the black one with the orange flowers in front!

Mom – Honey, I have those dresses since 19-o-long!!! You can’t even find the material they used to make that! They don’t sell it anymore!

Me – But I like those dresses! I wore the black one before I came to Canada (3 yrs ago).

Mom – Wait wait wait. What blue dress you talking about?

Me – The one you wore to Stacy’s wedding.

Mom – But Lee-Ann, Stacy got married FOURTEEN YEARS AGO!!!!!

Me – Soooooooo!!!!!!!! I always wanted that dress!

Mom – It’s yours!!!!!!! When you reach thirty, if you still want it, I’ll give it to you.

Me – Just send the dress nuhhhhh!

Mom – Lee-Ann, honey, I will go and buy a nice dress for you, and I’ll send a rap skirt for you to wear during the Summer.

That’s how you shop ladies!!! I still want those two dresses though. They’re old…no…they’re vintage (sounds better), but I love them.


Love, Lee

Goodbye Songs

Last night, Ange and I were looking up and practicing some songs to sing at a function later this month. We were looking specifically for goodbye songs since we’ll be saying goodbye to someone dear to us. It’s amazing how you can start thinking about something and end up thinking about something totally different! For example, you’re studying for an exam and you think about how boring your last class was, but luckily you had that pack of skittles that just brightened up that hour. When you remember the skittles, you automatically think, ‘taste the rainbow’ and then you picture the advertisement on tv. TV!!!! When is Glee starting back? I wonder what songs they’re going to sing…hmmm…I’m gonna listen to some of their music and while doing that, I might as well check Facebook! And there goes your LIFE!!!! Or just your evening. Whichever.

So something like that happened to Ange and I last night. We started off working on two songs and changing lyrics here and there to make it appropriate and funny. Then we thought about the song Lean On Me by Bill Withers. After looking it up on Youtube, we clicked on the Michael Bolton version and we sailed off on cloud 9!!!! Have you guys heard that man sing? *Sigh We went from happy, i’ll-be-here-for-you-cuz-thats-what-friends-do songs to ‘How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?‘ (which is TOTALLY inappropriate since we’ll be singing to a priest). It’s always too easy to get distracted especially when it involves a chiseled man with an amazing voice!


Anyways, just like how studying can lead you to thinking about Glee, it lead me to writing this post. Back to the books for me (i just thought about Back to the Ground, Jamie Cullum, concert last year, iTunes, Facebook…..everything leads to Facebook…).


Love, Lee

P.S.   If you’re a chiseled guy and you can sing like Michael Bolton, please contact us asap.

Weekend Adventure

Over the weekend, Ange, Esther and I went dancing for a friend’s birthday. O, what a night (late December back in ’63)! In my mind, the evening took place in 6 parts. It might be a bit too much for some of you who can’t read properly, so take it 3 parts at a time if you want. Lol.

Pat 1 – We all sat in Ange’s living room (I was already dressed) for about an hour. During this time, it was decided that I need to get a boyfriend who has a car. Ange’s exact words were something along the lines of, “Lee-Ann, yuh need tuh hurry up and get ah man wit ah car!” Taking the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) at night sucks! That brings us to part 2.

Part 2 – We walked through freezing rain (little, fragile pieces of ice falling…not water) to get to the bus stop. While waiting on the second bus, it got colder and the rain slowly began to turn into snow. To make matters worse, the wind was ridiculous! I kept thinking, ‘tonight better be good!’. It’s Carnival time back home in Trinidad so all my friends are partying and dancing and having a great time! I’m in Canada. It’s Winter. I needed that night to be fantastic! The bus eventually came and we got to the subway station safely. On the subway, we had out first encounter (not aliens…although we did see one!)

Part 3 – So the three of us are sitting on the subway, minding our own business, waiting for it to leave the station, when a man sat opposite us and said, “Hello ladies.”. We replied and said ‘hi’ in a very unenthusiastic way. Ange’s and Esther’s heads automatically turned to the right…the guy was on their left. So that left yours truly (me) for him to talk to. He asked where we were going so I said home, and I looked away (he obviously didn’t have a car so i lost all interest). He said ‘oh okay, we’re going to Aura, Club Aura. What’s Home like? (I immediately looked at him to see if he was seriously asking me this) I’ve never been to Home before.” And he was serious about it. He honestly thought that ‘home’ was a club. I looked at him and said, “Home as in….where we live.” I made sure that I emphasized those words. He said ‘oh’ and he looked up and then to the side, “I knew that.” The conversation finished and he left about 8 seconds after that.

We got off at our stop and walked through a mini ice blizzard to get to the club.

Part 4 – We got to the club and just waltzed in. No one asked for i.d., we didn’t pay to get in, the coat check guy was cute (maybe he had a car!), our hands were stamped and we began our night of dancing! The music was a great selection of old Reggae, Hip Hop, Soca (which my waist and I thoroughly enjoyed :-)), and then there were old classics like Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It, Marvin Gaye – Let’s Stay Together, and all the songs I used to think BORING when I was a kid growing up. They even played the Fresh Prince song! At one point (the 2nd encounter), this guy started talking to me about how tall I am (as if I didn’t know I was tall) and comparing our heights. After his speech, half of which I didn’t hear, I said ‘okay’ and turned around to see Ange’s reaction. Ange, my faithful partner in crime, was NOWHERE to be seen. Whenever something is too funny, Ange has to leave! I assumed that was why she disappeared. When she came back, she looked at me and started laughing uncontrollably and then I started laughing! During this, the guy was still standing in our little circle. I tried my best not to look at him. It was bad.

Part 5 – When we left, there was a thick layer of snow outside. We literally ran to the subway station, got the last train and got on the bus. On the bus, we had our 3rd encounter. We got the bus after 2 in the morning so it was pretty empty. Of ALLLLLL the empty seats on this bus, the smelly, crazy, homeless guy decides to sit in the row I was sitting in (he could have had a Mercedes and 50 million dollars, I would not have cared). There were three seats in that row – I was in one, the guy’s bag of clothes was next to me and he was next to the bag. So we’re driving along and everything’s fine and normal and smart me decides to steal a look at him to see if he was wearing his shades (how lame am i?). I glanced at him only to see him looking at me in the corner of his eye! Creepy!!!! I guess he took that as his que to start talking to me. When I refused to give him my real name, he begged me for a fake one. How does that make any sense? He also wanted to introduce his friends to my friends (Ange and Esther) but to do that, he felt as if he had to get to know me first. He got off the bus, thank God, and we were left in peace! Ange said she was ready to punch him if he had touched me. 😀

Part 6 – An elderly man got off the bus when we got off and he said, “Where allyuh girls comin from dis hour ah de mornin?” Hehe. He told us that is wife is going to beat him because he’s coming home so late, he was limin in a massage parlor, his wife probably has a man on the side (maybe he has a car), guys who hail us out are full of shit so don’t talk to them. He was a kind old man. He got to his place before us so the three of us trekked on through the snow and violent winds. That was the end of our night! The music was worth every minute of that adventure!

Life is full of surprises! You never know how a night is going to turn out.

Love, Lee.

P.S. – here’s the alien that we saw all over! He doesn’t have a belly button.

Another Conversation

Last night, like every night so far this week, I hung out at Ange’s place. We watched t.v., laughed at random things and, as usual, had some funny conversations. Here is a summarized version of one of those classic conversations. The whole thing would be too long because it went on for about 10mins including t.v. breaks and alot of made-up words.

Me – Where are they from again? It starts with P. (I was trying to figure out where in India some of our friends were from)

Ange – Bangalore?

Me – No it starts with P!

Ange – Panama? Hahaha! (inside joke)

Me – Hehe. No! It starts with a P….Paaa – something. (I then texted one of those friends, Dwayne)

Ange – Punjab! Panerdf jl? Psuygcnkldjhf? Pcaxdhufidcuf?

Me – Noooo

Ange – are you sure it’s not Bangalore?

Me – Yes I’m sure!!!!! It starts with a P! Does it start with a P? Yeah it does!

5 long minutes that consisted of me thinking too hard after

Me – I think it has a ‘g’ in it.

While saying that, Dwayne replied.

Dwayne – Goa.

THAT WAS IT!!!!!!!!! They’re from Goa!!!!!! It was then that Ange gave up all hope in me trying to remember things. The name of the place has THREE letters and I remembered one. Oh well, at least my brain got some form of exercise this week 🙂

Love, Lee!

Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Don’t you just love the scent of the right amount of chlorine in a pool? How about the sound of splashing water, water that is that specific shade of blue? Or the way it feels when your body glides through the water and when the water touches your scalp? I love swimming, especially during Winter. It just feels better knowing that outside is FREEZING while you’re in a bathing suit 🙂 (yes Gervais, there is water that’s NOT frozen up here)

Ange and I go swimming just to workout in a cool way and stay healthy. Yesterday when we were finished, we headed back to the changing rooms and passed the showers on the way. Now we go to a university that collects school fees from 50,000 students, has flat screen t.v.s all over the place and spends money unnecessarily! With that being said, one would think that they’ll at least have doors for the showers as opposed to curtains. If a small breeze blew from the side….well…..we all know how that’ll turn out :-S

So we’re walking by the showers and this was my string of thoughts: Oh, there’re all free because all the curtains are open. I hope they’re free when I need to….wait, oh my…why is she…WHAT THE F….just turn and continue walking and don’t look at Ange because we will laugh and the naked lady in the shower will feel bad!

I wish I could say that that was the last I saw of her. It wasn’t. You know when you’re sitting somewhere waiting for someone, every time someone comes around, you look to see if it’s that person? I was sitting on a bench, minding my own business and waiting on Ange when I saw someone. Naturally, I looked to see if it was her but nature wasn’t so kind to my eyes :-S. Why couldn’t she put her towel on and cover herself and where did she think she was? It takes 3 seconds to wrap yourself in a towel and yet still there are people, both men and women, who just don’t care. I give props to those who are that comfortable in their skin, but I’d rather you say it than show it (no pun intended…actually, pun intended!).

5 minutes after, Ange found me with a very apprehensive look on my face. That was NOT an experience I wanted to go through on Valentine’s Day, but that’s life for you. It hits you with surprises every now and then.


I dunno…

It’s been a while since we posted anything. Nothing spectacular or hilarious or weird has happened….which is weird. Well, that’s it right there! It’s weird that nothing weird has happened! Lol. Just kidding. I had a midterm exam today at 1 so I decided to go to Mass, pray really hard to pass, idle around for half an hour and then head over to the lecture hall. At around 12:30, the lights went out and I was the happiest person in the world!!!! No electricity = no exam (i’m so good at Math). I started playing the guitar and singing and laughing and running in slow motion through grass fields alongside bunnies, blah blah blah. I was happy. I still decided to go to the lecture hall just to confirm that it was cancelled so I started putting my jacket on and while doing that, electricity came back. *sigh* Exam time. After the exam, we had to pass our papers to the left. I was sitting in the 2nd seat to the right so I had to collect just one paper and pass it on with mine. I turned to the guy expecting him to give me his paper and he looked at me and said, “Idjfnclcd fsdjfbls fnjsdfn”. So I was like…..huh? Then he said, “cfj nl not cf jklscfx jdhfl paper df lskjdf”. I just said “oh ok” and I passed my paper down. I guess he was saying that he wasn’t going to hand in his paper. The midterm was worth 40%. 40%! He threw away 40%! Poor guy. At least I know I got more than him! The girl on the other side of me put the date as 10th Jan, 2011 and because she’s Asian (Asian usually equals genius. The guy obviously isn’t in that equation), I started doubting myself! I could have sworn we were in February!!! This means that Singles…i mean, Valentines Day isn’t next week! Oh joy!

Anyways, I ate a hot dog AND I found a Cadbury Egg in my jacket pocket 😀 How awesome is that?

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